Croydon Climate Crisis Commission was formed from a partnership between Croydon Council and the New Economics Foundation and it is part of the wider Place-Based Climate Action Network (PCAN).

The Commission has now submitted its final report to Croydon Council (see news story below), which concludes the Commission's work. 

Recommendations on how the Council should continue to build on the momentum of  the Citizen’s Assembly and Commission’s activities, and commit to deep on-going engagement with residents, community groups, workers, trade unions and businesses to ensure  initiatives aimed at reducing emissions and improving quality of life in the borough are genuinely co-created are detailed in the report. This includes formalising a climate panel to review progress on the recommendations and developing an alliance of partners to drive a green recovery across the borough.


Croydon Climate Crisis Commission publishes report


In 2019, research by the Place-based Climate Action Network estimated that for Croydon to stay within its carbon budget it would need to deliver the majority of carbon cuts over the next ten years.

The analysis also showed that while Croydon could close the gap between its projected emissions in 2050 and a net-zero target by 61% through the adoption of options already available, more innovative options would be required to deliver the last 39%.

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